New North

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Smooth Nitrogenated
Coldbrew Coffee

New North Nitro Coffee Can, Original Flavour
New North Nitro Coffee Can, Original Flavour

New North — Original

Intense dark chocolate and almond hints, with a fresh finish. Brewed with purified water.

All natural ingredients, 0 calories and sugar free.
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New North — Vanilla

Coming soon.

New North — Orange

Coming soon.
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Setting the Bar Higher

We love coffee. So we challenged ourselves to make a new coffee that goes beyond your expectations:

New North - Dairy free
Dairy free
New North - Sugar free
Sugar free
New North - 0 calories
0 calories
New North - Natural energy
Natural energy
New North - High in antioxidants
High in antioxidants
New North - Low acidity
Low acidity
New North - Filtered water
Filtered water
New North - Brewed by experts
Brewed by experts
New North - Light and refreshing
Light and refreshing

Nitro Spritz

A new coffee-based cocktail crafted
by Mr Lyan for New North

A delicious and complex summer cocktail
with a refreshing Spritz finish.


2 partsEscubac
1 partMartini Rosso vermouth
½ partFresh pink grapefruit juice
¼ partSugar syrup
1½ partsSoda water
1½ partsTonic water
3 partsNew North nitro coffee
GarnishWedge of Galia melon

Add the first four ingredients to a chilled wine glass over ice. A large red wine glass would be best. Stir briefly.

Add the remaining ingredients to a separate glass of tin and mix briefly to allow a foam to form.

Carefully pour the mix from the tin into the wine glass. Stir briefly.

Garnish with a large wedge of Galia melon and serve.

A Guide To New North

New North - Process TimeWe steep our Latin-American coffee in purified water for over 18 hours
New North - Process BrewInfused with nitrogen as it’s canned to create a smoother and creamier brew
New North - Process ResultTo enjoy a coffee cascade, keep ice cold and pour straight into your glass

Find New North

  1. Nationwide, UK

    1. Daylesford Organic
    2. Farmdrop
    3. Ocado
  2. London

    1. Rapha
    2. Selfridges

What People Are Saying

  1. “New North just raised the bar for Nitro Cold Brew. Love it!”
    Laura Harper-Hinton, Co-Founder at Caravan
  2. “Drink This.”
    Evening Standard
  3. “The only coffee you need this summer.”
    Stylist Magazine
  4. “New North nails the cold-brew coffee game.”
    Foodism Magazine
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We seek to go beyond boundaries,
To meet the challenge, to reach
The New North